I'm developing my first ever WooCommerce website (and, actually, first ever WordPress website) and I've run into a bit of a road block. On the cart page when I change the quantities and click the "Update Cart" button on the desktop site it works fine, however when I shrink the screen down to a mobile size it refreshes the page but doesn't update the quantity.

I'm fairly sure this is a problem with my theme (I'm creating a child of the Understrap theme) as it works fine if I change the site theme to Storefront or even the parent Understrap theme.

I can't for the life of me figure out why it would behave differently at different screen sizes aside from it being some sort of media query issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You could undo all changes you made in your child-theme, 1 by 1 until the cart quantity updates the right way on small devices.

Then you will be able to identify what and where it is going wrong. (plugin, additional script???)

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