I have a pre existing server running whm/cpanel which has a Wordpress site that needs to be moved to its own server.

I have move the files and database across and everything is ready except for a few errors that certain directories are not writeable by a particular plugin.

On the original server everything is stored under /home/frt (created by adding a new account in WHM). The user is frt and the group is frt. The directories are set to 755 and files to 644.

I have setup the new server in exactly the same way, so I cannot figure out why I am getting these errors. They only disappear if I set permissions to 777 on the relevant folders. 775 does not work either.

Another thing I have noticed is there is no apache user or group on the new server, nut there is on the original CentOS 6 server.

I have little experience with CentOS, usually I use Debian so I'm not sure how things should work or if this is actually correct.

Can someone advise me how I can get the permissions set correctly?

The Errors are:

ERROR: Path ../wp-content/connection_images does not seem to be writeable.
ERROR: Path ../wp-content/connections_templates does not seem to be writeable.
ERROR: Path ../wp-content/plugins/connections/cache does not seem to be writeable.

  • You can read about the recommended permissions on this page. Permissions depend on whether WP runs using default shared server username or not? – nmr Apr 24 '19 at 11:55
  • Try to chown -R 48:48 usually that's Apache – Howard E Apr 24 '19 at 12:27

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