i'm getting crazy with a problem that is probably a stupid thing.

Yesterday, i make some little design change on a site, to get the paypal button displayed on a second column of an area.

But since it is displayed this way, when i click on "acheter" ( buy now ) nothings happen.

I have tryied to generate a brand new button thru paypal, thinking i have probably deleted essential element, but same problem.

Button can be seen here : (bottom of the page)


if i take of all my html custom and leave just the paypal form, it works well again :o

Here is a capture of the form to help you identify it on the website capture

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  • ok, but this is on a wordpress based website. So i dont know if it can has incidence. – Gregory Apr 24 at 8:34

Your html is broken. Check your quotes at

<div class="paiement-honoraires-right>
  • yes, just find the issue, was coming to add answear ! Thanks for your help. That was it ! – Gregory Apr 24 at 9:18

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