I'm sorry for that question for which the answer is probably obvious... I don't know javascript, and usually i manage to kind of understand the codes i find here and to mix them, but this time I have difficulties to do it.

I want to hide some categories names from the category-list (entry-category) on the head of my posts. I found a code for that which works well (here, for instance, to hide the category 227) :

function the_category_filter($thelist,$separator=' ') {
    if(!defined('WP_ADMIN')) {
        //Category IDs to exclude
        $exclude = array(227);

        $exclude2 = array();
        foreach($exclude as $c) {
            $exclude2[] = get_cat_name($c);

        $cats = explode($separator,$thelist);
        $newlist = array();
        foreach($cats as $cat) {
            $catname = trim(strip_tags($cat));
                $newlist[] = $cat;
        return implode($separator,$newlist);
    } else {
        return $thelist;
add_filter('the_category','the_category_filter', 10, 2);

My problem is that i don't want to hide just one category, but all children categories of one specific parent category.

How can i do that ? If i put

array('parent' => 207)

(207 being the ID of the parent category) it doesn't work.

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