I've got the following code in my "pagetitle" template partial:

the_archive_title( '<h1>', '</h1>' );
the_archive_description( '<span class="archive-description">', '</span>' );

Now, what I expect to see in my page is this:

<h1>The Archive title</h1>
<span class="archive-description">The Archive description</span>

But instead I've got this:

<h1>Archive title <span class="archive-description">The Archive description</span></h1>

The description span enclosed inside the title h1. Why is that?

Note: I've previously removed the p tag from the_archive_description() using remove_filter('term_description','wpautop');

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I've solved using the solution posted by @Quinn Commendant in the following thread: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/203884/160016

In any case, the above behaviour is weird...

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