As I can't find a proper way to do this, I'll just drop this here : I run a website where anyone can post offers from fontend.

I want the website to be multi language with switcher and/or browser language detection.

However, I can't produce simply translated post : as users post from frontend, I can't ask them to post 2 times. And I can't make it by myself each time someone post or delete, as it would be too much to handdle.

I tried polylang and so on, that need multiple post, one for each language.

I would need : a way to translate evrything with switcher or browser language detection without multi post OR a way to automaticaly create translated post on the fly.

Any hints ?

  • You are looking for WPML (WordPress Mulitilingual). That plugin can copy posts automatically, run them through a translation service and tadaa.. your result. – user3135691 Apr 23 at 12:16
  • Ok. But does this trigger automaticaly, even from frontend ? Same with deletion ? As it's cost money, I'd rather be sure before invest. – Camille Fernandez Apr 23 at 12:33
  • You could also look into using Google Translate, which adds a dropdown menu on the post to select the language. It uses JavaScript to translate, so you don't end up with multiple posts. – WebElaine Apr 23 at 13:02
  • It seems that this bit of code does the trick with polylang. I'll check this this nights. function turn_blogposts_translation_off( $post_types, $is_settings ) { unset( $post_types['alsp_listing'] ); return $post_types; } add_filter( 'pll_get_post_types', 'turn_blogposts_translation_off', 10, 2 ); – Camille Fernandez Apr 23 at 14:42

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