How correct validate data from user to save in database from inputs?

I use this for textfields:

        $name = trim(sanitize_text_field($_POST['name']));

But if i add special signs like "&*({} Something like this ^&({}<>", then they add without a problem.

I need add only "Something like this" without special signs.


Try $name = trim( sanitize_user( $_POST['name'], true ) );

Be sure that the function does what you want! Read here

  • Work, thanks. I have question about secure data. How check if variable is INT? – polyman Apr 22 at 17:30
  • 1
    There are some... like "is_int" to verify if it's exact an int. But if you want to see if a string can be converted to int, the "is_numeric" is a function that can check that. If you want to parse a string to int/float you can use "intval" or "floatval". And be sure that the expected int is a valid one. If you expect an int that is a positive number, then be sure is it, or else you could have some bugs. – Brada Apr 23 at 9:42
  • 1
    Be careful if you use "is_numeric", as will validate hex strings as integers, and mysql will see them as strings, example here – Brada Apr 23 at 9:42

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