I would like to delete row from front end. This is what i did :


<?php $row = get_row_index(); ?>
<tr data-rownum="'. $row .'">
    <span class="deletecontrat iconfont_d" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="right" title="Effacer ?">r</span>


jQuery( document ).on( 'click', '.deletecontrat', function() {

    $rownumjs = $(this).parent().parent().data("rownum");

                'action': 'mon_action',
                'param': $rownumjs



function add_js_scripts() {
    wp_enqueue_script( 'script', get_template_directory_uri().'/custom/js/ajax.js', array('jquery'), '1.0', true );
    wp_localize_script('script', 'ajaxurl', admin_url( 'admin-ajax.php' ) );
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'add_js_scripts');

function mon_action() {

    $param = $_POST['param'];

    delete_row("field_5c8fa4201b65f", 1, $post_id);

    echo $param;
add_action( 'wp_ajax_mon_action', 'mon_action' );
add_action( 'wp_ajax_nopriv_mon_action', 'mon_action' );

So in my console i get response :

  • 1 for the first row
  • 2 for the second row

and so on…

I assume that my code working, but now i can't or i don't know how to execute my delete function… I have read this, but nothing happen.

What am i doing wrong ?

(I hope i'm cristal clear because english is not my language.)


You have 1 hardcoded as the row number in mon_action().

It should be delete_row( 'field_5c8fa4201b65f', (int) $_POST['param'], $post_id );

  • Hum yes but it was for a test and i've tried with delete_row( 'field_5c8fa4201b65f', $param, $post_id ); It doesn't work either
    – Fluti
    Apr 22 '19 at 18:58
  • How are you getting $post_id? Apr 22 '19 at 19:02
  • But just with function mon_action() { echo "<script>console.log('the message function is called');</script>"; die(); } i have no response in ma console log
    – Fluti
    Apr 23 '19 at 11:50
  • That wouldn't work as you're expecting it to. The rest of your code works fine. Apr 23 '19 at 13:21

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