I've developed a plug-in with specific (I'm mean non WordPress native) permission system, specific tables, specific tab system (each tab actually has a distinct form given that each has like hundreds of fields) ... everything is performed through JavaScript and WordPress API custom endpoints and, as far as I can see, would have hardly fit in all native WordPress forms.

My first idea for a .PDF export was to generate HTML and throw it into a JavaScript library which would transform that HTML into a .PDF file.

And I'm now requested to use a pre-existing .PDF file and this plug-in "Form Generating PDF - Wordpress plugin" https://codecanyon.net/item/form-generating-pdf-wordpress-plugin/20403948 to export the form to PDF . So it's not "generating PDF file" now, it's "injecting data into an existing PDF file".

Description says:

This plugin will send an PDF attachment filled with form user data, via email after his registration on a form, it's easy and manageable in simple three steps, it has the most unique features, that cannot be found on any existing plugin on the market.

(We don't need to send e-mail, just download the PDF, but the plug-in also says it does that.)

Now, the impression that have, reading about this plug-in, is that it expect some kind of WordPress "form submit" event to get triggered ... Is there a way the I could trigger this plug-in manually? Preferably a JavaScript way.

I've searched for documentation but I didn't find any code example. My search were submerged with commercial rather than technical information. I've also looked for ways to contact the editor/developer but their website looks dead. I'm looking for way to trigger this plug-in through JavaScript (if some people here know that specific plug-in), or for another plug-in that would do the task (inserting form fields inside of existing .PDF file at defined locations and the offering the PDF for download to the user). Or a JavaScript library (but on with a minimal coding to do to match the pre-existing PDF file and the form... like by

Some more research: I've read that I could use FPDI ( https://www.setasign.com/products/fpdi/about ) and FPDF ( http://www.fpdf.org/ ) to inject data into and existing PDF with PHP. Both are indeed user by the plug-in. Not sure if I better start something from scratch or retroengineer the plug-in to some extent and find some shortcut. Hints and solutions still welcome.

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