We use a theme. We do not hard code. Theme providers generally do not offer support for outside plug-ins. So we are in between rocks regarding support.

Themes we have tested have all offered some type of structure which allows new users to register and become a "subscriber".

Once registered, the subscriber can utilize their User Dashboard as Subscribers and may complete certain tasks in order to accomplish their goal.

We are trying to enhance the User Dashboard capabilities regarding uploading photos in bulk, sorting and offer a display order function.

To attempt to accomplish this task, we are testing NextGen Gallery and Compatibility Manager Enhanced together, one for Photo functions, and one for Permissions.

We hope to facilitate the back-end through Admin Panel to only administrate and oversee and not assume new tasks from Admin to perform uploads or sort photos for subscribers. However we will need to be able to assist an end user where needed.

Can anyone with experience with these two plug-in come up with any assistance?

--We cannot see any NextGen settings that point towards adding it’s functionality to Subscriber Dashboard. --We have not been able to set permissions in Compatibility Manager Enhanced that result in allows for use of NextGen Gallery within a Dashboard.

Since Compatibility Manager Enhanced can change role permissions, it seems tricky and possibly prone to making mistakes with permission settings unless we have some advice for proper settings. It also leaves behind all previous settings in our database.

We do not know how to be rid of any test settings after the fact without assistance since they may cause errors with future theme updates. Their instructions are somewhat vague ie: Blog editing is not in their instructions where we can disable "Blog" editing and we found that it will not disable by removing it’s checkmark to turn that function of when saving, it just re-appears with a checkmark.

We can see that in a previous forum from 2013 regarding a similar goal by a forum member that there was mention of using NextGen together with Compatibility Manager The suggested settings were as follows for Compatibility Manager to use with NextGen Gallery:

Install NextGEN gallery, then install Capability Manager, then go to the Capabilities settings, select the role who's capabilities you want to edit, and allow them these capabilities NextGEN Gallery Overview NextGEN Manage Gallery NextGEN Edi album NextGEN Upload images Now your users of the role you selected can upload their own images into galleries. Those settings “alone” while testing the Compatibility Manager Enhanced plug-in do not work for us unless there are other settings that need to be check-marked “on”.

We wish to continue to keep a subscriber role outside and away from the Admin panel view especially when the Theme itself provides a Subscriber with a User Dashboard” structured well with exception of the ability for “Bulk uploads” and “Display Order Sorting of Photos” and possibly other Photo Gallery features where we wish to enhance the Subscriber's User Dashboard.

We will appreciate your suggestions from those who have had a similar experience with a photo gallery style manager along side of a Compatibility Manager Enhanced permission "style" plug-in which offers secure permissions and can add functionality to a User Dashboard.

Thank you for your suggestions ahead of time

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