I have a wordpress website that using WPUM to creat accounts and mange them and a coustem plugin for memberships.

  • When users creat an account they chose from membership plugin membership kind ( Sun - Sand - Water) if he didn't chose by default will be (star) member
  • All membership kinds using the same WPUM role (subscriber)
  • The coustom plugin using a table in database named "wp-mempership" containing user_id and membership kind ( Sun - Sand - Water), the (star) member not recorded in this table

----- NOW

  • I ad some banners using Ad Inserter plugin and its work great but
  • I need to show some ads for not looged in users ( I did it by using d Inserter plugin) and some other ads only for (star) members ??

I think it will be something like this

  • / If user logged in
  • ... look up in "wp-mempership" table
  • .......if found
    • ................(not display banners ad for members)
  • .......if not found
    • .................(display banners ad for members)
  • /If user not logged in (display banners ad for not logged)

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