I'm developing a Sports website, covering cricket football, etc. The goal is:

.pk /cricket    (Landing page)
.pk /cricket/ipl    (IPL Landing Page)  
.pk /cricket/ipl/year    (IPL Landing Page by Year)  
.pk /cricket/ipl/year/points table  (Points Table  Page for particular year)  
.pk /cricket/ipl/year/csk-vs-kkr-match-1    (Match Page/Post  for particular year)  


.pk /footbal/ worldcup /2019/
.pk /cricket/ ipl /2019/
.pk /cricket/ ipl /2019/points table
.pk /cricket/ipl/2019/csk-vs-kkr-match-1    
.pk /cricket/ ipl /2020/
.pk /cricket/ ipl /2020/points table
.pk /cricket/ipl/2020/csk-vs-kkr-match-3

The issue is I can't understand what will be a CPT or what will be a page. Initially, I go with creating them all as pages. But, got an issue when tried to create ".pk /cricket/ipl/2019".

It resulted as ".pk /cricket/ipl/2019-2 ". Also, suppose I managed to achieve this. now the next one comes.

If I create a CPT for matches, how can I put it after the page hierarchy? .pk /cricket/ipl/year/csk-vs-kkr-match-1 .

Does someone know how this can be done easily?

Sorry for my bad explanation, hope it is kind of clear.

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