I have these

    $wpdb->show_errors (true);

    $wpdbp = $wpdb->prepare($preparedQuery->query, $preparedQuery->values);
    $result = $wpdb->get_var($wpdbp);

I further thought of something like this (may be temporary)

    if($result === null) {
        $error = $wpdb->print_error();

I read in get_var() documentation:

Returns: Database query result (as string), or null on failure

My problem here is that $result is always null when inserting, even if insert succeeds. How to actually know it there were errors or not? I expect there may be some other types of get_ methods?

Maybe I sould add something like "SELECT 1;" but even if that works I don't like it much.

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To insert data you should use query() (documentation), get_var() method is for selecting data. If error is encountered, query() returns FALSE.


This function returns an integer value indicating the number of rows affected/selected for SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, etc.

For CREATE, ALTER, TRUNCATE and DROP SQL statements, (which affect whole tables instead of specific rows) this function returns TRUE on success. If a MySQL error is encountered, the function will return FALSE.

$result = $wpdb->query( 'insert query' );
if ( $result === FALSE ) {
    // display error

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