In this article I read, that using <a href="" target="blank"> is related to some security issues. They recommend rel=noopener.

How do I implement this in my WP-Installation? Which file is the relevant one? Thank you.

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Since WordPress 5.1 (see #43187) it ships with the wp_targeted_link_rel() function, that adds noreferrer and noopener relation values to all anchor elements that have a target.

This function is used to filter through the various input data just before saving it, e.g.

  • post title,
  • post content,
  • post excerpt,
  • comment content,
  • term description,
  • link description,
  • link notes,
  • user description.

Since 5.2 the following improvements are made:

  • #46421 handles the Text and HTML widgets.
  • #43280 handles the Image Media widget.
  • #43290 handles the Menus.

There are open tickets to further refine it, e.g.

  • #46886 to avoid false positive from the data-target attribute.
  • #46580 asks if there's any reason to add the relations for any values of target.
  • 46316 to not let it corrupt JSON content.
  • #46479 to handle the comment fields.

If you have some custom user input that allows external links, then you could use:

$text = wp_targeted_link_rel( $text );

to handle it.

The default relation values 'noopener noreferrer' are also filterable through the wp_targeted_link_rel filter.


"Wich file is the relevant one" = All files that allow user generated content to be viewed.

You have to change hook into the_content to change the URLs and add noopener

There is a great answer here: How to add nofollow on all external links without plugin? (and here: A plugin for having rel="nofollow" in posts? ) you should look into.

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