So I've created a custom post type filled with Advanced Custom Fields only. There is no "content".

I've created a single-custom.php, content-custom.php and archive-custom.php.

All looking nice and working perfect.

What I would like to achieve is to create a shortcode (I believe) for the archive-custom.php, so I can display the content of the archive-custom.php content on another part of my website, let's say on two different pages, with additional content.

At first i thought i create a short code for the custom post type it self by this example: Themed custom loop using shortcodes

But it's getting rather a very long short code. And everything I've solved before in content-custom.php, I have to start over in functions.php and "re-div-ify" it in the shortcode.


Most probably you need a bunch of divs etc duplicated in both archive-custom.php and the shortcode. Identify those divs, and move them into a new template file in your theme, e.g. in part-archive-custom.php. Then, delete them from archive-custom.php and add a call to get_template_part('part-archive-custom'); instead.

Do the same inside your shortcode.

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