I've a question about user role in WordPress.

After new user already registered. They can access with superadmin and customer role.

enter image description here

They can access to /wp-admin/, create blog, etc..

For my understanding, new user should get only 1 role, such as "customer".

I tried to investigate in my website. All user were assigned 2 roles: "customer" and "superadmin".

I think my website has been attacked by hacker.

enter image description here

How can I block them and how can I fix the user role issues.

Thank you so much

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To restore super admin to just the admin username:

<?php update_site_option( 'site_admins', array('admin') ); ?>

Place a PHP file with this line in your /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory and access any site URL. Once done you can delete the file.

Alternative you can edit the site_admins key directly in the wp_sitemeta table (but the first is easier as it will be serialized data.)

You probably want to check your default_role options also, as well as checking for other user role and capabilities in case they have been changed too.

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