Before publishing an unpublished article pre-publish checks are shown.

How can I extend this programmatically, and disable the publish button if the checks are not passed?

prepublish check


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This got me started.

Set up the block with create-guten-block Gitub

Update block.js to something like:

import './style.scss';
import './editor.scss';

var PluginPrePublishPanel = wp.editPost.PluginPrePublishPanel;
var registerPlugin = wp.plugins.registerPlugin;

function Component() {
    //do stuff
    return wp.element.createElement(
            className: 'my-plugin-publish-panel',
            title: 'Panel title',
            initialOpen: true,
        'Panel content'

registerPlugin( 'my-plugin', {
  render: Component,
  • I'm not sure how WP intends the pluginPrePublishPanel to be used, but locking/unlocking post saving directly inside of a function component definitely is not a good way to do it and will lead to bugs.
    – inwerpsel
    Mar 19, 2021 at 15:41

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