I have my Wordpress site hosted on my Synology at my local address of I can access my website at that address with /wordpress. If I just use or whatever my current public IP is, I get this screen.

enter image description here

I can't seem to get WordPress to show up when accessing my public IP address. I only get the above screen. So I know the web server itself is getting to the Internet, but I can't figure out why it won't see my WordPress site.

What info can I provide to help troubleshoot this?

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Because DNS doesn't know about your site. Perhaps adding the site's entry to your local 'hosts' file will help your computer find the site.

Although that will only help with your computer. Everyone else won't know about it (which may be what you want).

If it is a public site associated with a domain, then you'll need to get your hosting place to associate that domain name with your hosting IP. But if it is a private/testing site that only you (and your computer) needs to access, then adding an entry in the local 'hosts' file will be your first step.

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