In a custom REST API method, I would like to identify the user (typically get_current_user_id() then retrieve their data from database (things like they're role and some custom permission).

But so far get_current_user_id() returns 0 (which is not the current user ID).

Is it possible to identify user in REST API?

Otherwise, a solution I see is using a page as "sort of" API ... but I think that would be an ugly solution.


Are you looking for the WP Rest API User Endpoints?


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    If I'm not mistaking, this looks like WordPress API to find and manage user data. That's not what I'm looking for, I'm trying to write a custom REST API to go with a plug-in, and inside its code, I want to identify the user who makes that API request. I've add the word "custom ... method" in question because maybe it sounded like I was referring to something else. – TTT Apr 10 at 16:25

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