Recently I added AMP plugin to my page. But after that I had problem with tracking statistics of page usages on amp pages. I have google analytics and these are successfully tracked in google analytics. But I have no idea how to track my page using in page mechanisms. I have widget with my top read articles (for 20h, week and month). But I don't know how to track this information using AMP. I try to modify AMP template and add 1x1px image which tracks user read. But as i see google use some cdn to cache images, so not all user request goes to my server. Than i try to add some code to generation of AMP page but as i see there is same approach and page is cached using cdn. I see that there is analytics approach in AMP but if i use my own tracking I cannot find any setting to configure this. Can someone help me? is there any way how to track in page analytics?

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