I'm having issues setting up the All Access Pass with Easy Digital Downloads. Whenever a user tries to download a products that is included in their All Access Pass it gives the following notice:

You must have an active subscription to XXXXX in order to download this file.

However, the relevant Download variant included in their All Access Pass is shown as having no price and the download button. Products and variants outside of their All Access Pass show a price and the checkout button.

So, it appears that EDD is detecting these product variants as being a part of their All Access Pass. So why can't they download their included Download product?

If a Download products is purchased outside of the All Access Pass, it can be downloaded without issue. But, not when the item is a part of an All Access Pass. It suggests that the Download product subscription isn't being overridden by the All Access Pass in terms of the downloading part.

Here's how the products & passes are setup:

I have Recurring Payments extension installed and have all Download products on a year subscription. I also have All Access extension installed and created a pass which grants access to variant 1 of all Download products. The All Access Passes are also on a yearly subscription.

P.s. Im trying to set this up for a client who no longer has an active license for the All Access extension so we are unable to currently go via the dev support for this.

  • While your client's active license may be expired, that doesn't change the fact that this question (as far as WPSE is concerned) is outside the scope of this site. The answer is that this is a question regarding a premium plugin that is for another plugin, and thus not an appropriate question for WPSE. You need to seek out support from the developer (or at least elsewhere where they may be able to answer your question). – butlerblog Apr 6 at 19:46

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