I've created my own template yet I can't figure out how to specify CSS attributes to an individual $lcp_display_output option. In this case I'd like to align the thumbnail to none to allow the excerpt to display to the right of the tn. How can I accomplish that?


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If you are referring to the List Category Posts plugin, it uses WordPress' native function to get the thumbnail get_the_post_thumbnail which produces:

class="attachment-thumbnail wp-post-image"

You should assign style to those classes. More info about that here.

I'll be adding the thumbnail CSS class as a parameter since get_the_post_thumbnails has that as an optional parameter, so you'll have better customization on a future release.

UPDATE: Ok, now I added the functionality to send the CSS class as a parameter for your thumbnail:

thumbnail_class - Set a CSS class to the thumbnail and style it.

This is working as of version 0.21 of List Category Posts.

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