I have a wordpress based ecommerce website with Woocommerce.

I use WP-Rocket Plugin for cache

I use CND

I use a Cloud dedicated server : 9CPU X 2GHZ 7GB Ram Apache

For cached page pageloads are very good it takes only 1-1.5 second. But uncached page it takes 6-7 seconds and this is a dynamic ecommerce website most pageloads are uncached. In website search and infinite scroll feature which came with my theme are same it takes 5-7 seconds. I try to change my hosting provider and try Kinsta which is a premium wordpress hosting but nothing has changed. What should i do for reducing this pageloads. When i click for a new category grey waiting icon in chrome takes 3-4 seconds and when it turn to blue it only takes 1-2 . I think main problem is this. I will add same screenshots cloud you please check it

This is for unchached page.

This is for infinite scroll

This is for in site search

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