I have a button that toggles from the image carrusel to the fp-portfolio widget. It works, but the problem is that when it toggles, the widgets appears like break or un-layout, but when I click in a filter option “show all” for example of the portfolio widget it works and looks good.(The same the other way around, in case of the carrusel, if I wait until it calls the function to show the next 3 images it works perfect).

Is there anyway to reload the image carrusel and the fp-portfolio? or is there any way to force to load the filter "Show All" on fp-portfolio?

I tried with masonry "reloadItems" but isn't working for me. And also tried to set the active filter to "Show All" but not success with it neither.

My code is the following (ourWorkCarrusel is the image carrusel and the ourWorkAll is the portfolio):

jQuery(function($) {
     $( '#showAllProjects' ).on( 'click', function( event ){

I expect to click on the toggle button and change from images carrusel to fp-portfolio with the "show All" filter loaded.


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