Good day guys! Im working with a registration form with a lot of fields and payment integration. I used Caldera Forms because it easy to use but I noticed that Paypal which is the most important part of my task isnt free.

Is it possible to use paypal plugins to another form plugin? If you have any advices or recommendation I will appreciate it.

  • No, just using another PayPal plugin won't connect to your form plugin in a way that allows you to process payments; and most other form plugins are the same - the core plugin may be free but add-ons that allow you to accept payment are not. You could in theory code a custom plugin that integrates with both Caldera and PayPal, but you'd be reinventing the wheel, and anytime either standard is updated you'd need to update your custom plugin. It would be much wiser in the long term to simply pay for the service you need, unless you have a lot of time to invest instead of money. – WebElaine Apr 1 at 15:27
  • Thanks @WebElaine one more thing, is having many plugins will affect the performance of my website or something else? – ryeteezy23 Apr 2 at 1:36

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