how do we hide /wp-content/uploads/2019/03/?

I want my url of the picture to be like pensionwebsitewi.com.au/nnovating.jpg

See SS below


enter image description here

  • Would it not be problematic if you had same filenames in different upload folders? – birgire Mar 30 at 8:15
  • Welcome to WordPress development! As your question currently is written it's unclear to us what exactly you are trying to achieve here. Hide these URL args from where? And what have you tried so far and where exactly are you stuck? – leymannx Mar 30 at 9:00
  • Hi @leymannx I apologize if my question above was not clear. What I am trying to achieve is that,.. I want to hide /wp/content/uploads/2019/03/ in the url like the screenshot above. So the url should be pensionwebsitewi.com/innovating.jpg, hide /wp/content/uploads/2019/03/. – Reagan Mahinay Mar 31 at 12:50

You can try this code define('UPLOADS','')and also unclick Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders from media settings.

  • Thanks for your response I will try this tomorrow. – Reagan Mahinay Mar 31 at 12:51
  • sure, let me know :) – Arvind Singh Mar 31 at 13:58

you can certainly alter the wp-content/uploads and make it to appear as /uploads or media by adding the following code in your wp-config

require_once(ABSPATH.’wp-settings.php’); define( ‘UPLOADS’, ”.’media’ );

or use a plugin as WP Original Media Path

  • Thanks for your response I will try it tomorrow. – Reagan Mahinay Mar 31 at 12:52

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