How can I get the selected shipping zone ID based on the current user in WooCommerce?

I tried the code below, but I didn't get the zoneID from the cart page:

$bh_packages =  $cart->get_shipping_packages();
$shipping_zone = wc_get_shipping_zone( $bh_packages );
$zone = $shipping_zone->get_zone_name();  
  • Any chance to get some feed back on the answer please (thank you). May 11, 2019 at 21:17

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The problem is that WC_Cart get_shipping_packages() method gives an array of shipping packages and the function wc_get_shipping_zone( $package ) expect to have as argument a unique package.

So you need to get only one package, using for example php reset() function like:

// Get cart shipping packages
$shipping_packages =  WC()->cart->get_shipping_packages();

// Get the WC_Shipping_Zones instance object for the first package
$shipping_zone = wc_get_shipping_zone( reset( $shipping_packages ) );

$zone_id   = $shipping_zone->get_id(); // Get the zone ID
$zone_name = $shipping_zone->get_zone_name(); // Get the zone name

// Testing output
echo '<p>Zone id: ' . $zone_id . ' | Zone name: ' . $zone_name . '</p>';

Tested and works.

  • Thanks a bunch, I kept getting "Locations not covered by your other zones", turns out I just needed to pass one array key. Jul 4, 2021 at 17:33

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