If you look at my site: https://alphahedron.com/

You will see a functioning wordpress site (although not configured yet).

If you go to one of my subfolder sites: https://alphahedron.com/game/lurkzero/

You will see the lurk zero wordpress main page successfully.

However, if you click on the “Login” link on the right, the browser navigates to: https://alphahedron.com/game/lurkzero/login/

Which (I’m guessing) would normally be processed by the LurkZero wordpress, however, that path is instead considered as part of the Alphahedron wordpress (probably assumed to be a permalink of alphahedron).

I’ve been searching the web for a solution. Modifying .htaccess might be difficult if not impossible.

I’m wondering if there is a plugin that restricts usage of certain paths of permalinks? Or some other solution?

Best regards, Chris

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