I created a custom post type called 'COURSE' and another custom post type called PROFESSOR. I want the course register to have a selection field (meta_boxes) with the teachers already registered. Is it possible to do that ?

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    "Professor" should be a taxonomy, "Course" should be the post type. Multiple Professors can rule the Course, but not otherwise. Involve logics. Just a bit. – Max Yudin Mar 25 at 19:48
  • Can you give more details about the "teachers already registered" you mentioned? Are these associated with the professor custom post type? How do you know which ones are registered? – MikeNGarrett Mar 25 at 19:51
  • The simple answer to your question is: Yes. The question now is: What exactly did you try so far and where exactly are you stuck? Please update your question for clarification. – leymannx Mar 25 at 20:29

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