I have made a website using BuddyPress and i used the feature "extended profile fields". But i have a problem. When i export the user data, the built-in buddypress "export script" in (buddypress/bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-functions.php line: 1340 and below ) only exports extended fields without their group-names, every profile fields has its own group name. The images will explain it all. So how can i export the data from wp_bp_xprofile_groups (each group's name and fields). And then export it to the export page. I will appreciate any help asap.

1) This image shows the tables that i want to be export. (buddypress only exports the fields of those tables not thier group-names). enter image description here 2) As you can see the fields of my extended profile data has group-name like "caafimaadka", and they don't get exported enter image description here 3) As you can see in the below image the script that exports data didn't export the fields group-names. enter image description here

Buddypress version: 4.2.0 wordpress version: 5.1.1 PHP version: 7.3.2 As simple as it is. I couldn't solve it. So please help or advice.

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