Using the call back hook, I can get the subscription information of everything EXCEPT the expiration date. Any thoughts on how to grab this. This is what I have:

function mmd_woointerface_ProcessOrder($order_id) 
$order           = new WC_Order( $order_id );                  
$OrderNumber     = $order->parent_id;
$ParentOrder     = new WC_Order( $OrderNumber );
$TransactionId   = $ParentOrder->get_transaction_id();

$DatePaid                   = $order->date_created;
$SubscriptionNumber         = $order->get_order_number();
$PaymentDate                = $order->get_date_created()->format ('Y-m-d');
$ProductId                  = $product->get_product_id();  
$subscriptions              = wcs_get_users_subscriptions( $UserId );
foreach ($subscriptions as $sub)
  if($sub->ID == $SubscriptionNumber)                              
  $ExpireDate = $sub->get_expiration_date( 'next_payment' ); <<NOT ACCURATE
  $ExpireDate = WC_Subscriptions_Order::get_next_payment_date ( $ParentOrder, $ProductId  );   << SAME PROBLEM

These calls:

 $ExpireDate = $sub->get_expiration_date( 'next_payment' ); 

 $ExpireDate = WC_Subscriptions_Order::get_next_payment_date ( $ParentOrder, $ProductId  ); 

are not effective when you have a user who makes a manual early payment. It just returns the next payment date, verses the actual stored expiration date


Based on the documentation (product, subscription) I would assume that either

WC_Subscriptions_Product::get_expiration_date( $ProductId );


WC_Subscription::get_date( 'end' );

should return the expiration date.

  • That does not work and have done that, since it is the product line and just does a calculation based on today's date. 'end' is used when a subscription type has a end, these subscriptions never "end", they just renew. But somewhere the new date is stored. – Debbie Kurth Mar 25 at 18:15

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