We would like to be able to share changes to an existing post with other wp users without saving the changes (making them live). A nounce currently makes it impossible to share a previewed post.

Is there a way around this? a plugin maybe? If not, what would be a good approach if I where to develop a plugin with this functionality?

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Don't know of a plugin but a good approach would be:

  1. to crate a custom post type (shared_revisions).
  2. add a metabox to post edit screen which will have an option to save the post changes as a sheared_revision and store the original post id as postmeta of the sheared_revision post.
  3. add a metabox to your sheared_revision edit screen which will have an option to overwrite the original post.

    Hope this make sense.

  • Yes this makes perfect sense. Ideally the Edit Post interface would include new buttons, one that creates the shared_revision and one that publishes it. Also a post that has a shared_revision should not be editable, nor should it be possible to create second shared_revision. Thanks!
    – Bundarr
    Nov 29, 2011 at 16:15

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