The Problem: I need to set up a woocommerce store where bundled items are being sold to returning customers. Once the customer deselects certain items the price changes. Also, the system needs to somehow save this configuration so if the customer logs in the next time their bundle is custom preselected like they have configured it before.

Exmple: John buys a basket full of cheese in our store. The items in the basket have been preselected. Out of 10 types of cheese John doesn't like the cheddar so his basket consists of 9 types of cheese. John buys the basket and is happy so he wants to order the same stuff on a regular basis. Next time he logs in the system knows the exact configuration for John so his suggested basket contains everything but the cheddar he unselected the last time.

Question: As far as I know there is no ready available solution, or is there? I'm thinking of coding my own plugin but first wanted to make sure I've done the research right. What are your thoughts? Any ideas? I'm greatful for any advice on how to solve this or any suggestions on what problems I'll encounter when coding my own plugin.

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