There's a plugin called ElasticPress it allows to connect an ElasticSearch server to WordPress. This plugin by default does not MAP Meta keys (custom fields) that begin with _ (underscore). But it has a filter to add any custom field to the mapping:


My problem is that i don't understand how to use this filter to include my fields into the Mapping.


Solution 1

I haven't tested the plugin, but based on this code from the link in your question:

apply_filters( 'ep_prepare_meta_whitelist_key', false, $key, $post )

You can do something like this to explicitly allow a protected/private meta key:

add_filter( 'ep_prepare_meta_whitelist_key', function( $allow, $meta_key ){
    $meta_keys = ['_one', '_two', '_etc']; // meta keys you want to allow
    return in_array( $meta_key, $meta_keys );
}, 10, 2 );

Solution 2

Alternatively, looking at this part, you could use the ep_prepare_meta_allowed_protected_keys filter to add your custom protected meta keys to the array of index-able private meta keys:

add_filter( 'ep_prepare_meta_allowed_protected_keys', function( $meta_keys ){
    return array_merge( $meta_keys, ['_one', '_two', '_etc'] );
} );


If I were you, I'd use the second solution. But it's really up to you. :)

PS: The code would go in the theme functions file.

  • Thanks i really must learn to read filters. I'm trying to teach myself php but i can't figure this out yet. – Michael Rogers Mar 22 at 10:50
  • 1
    You're welcome. And this article may help you to better understand the hooks (actions and filters) in WordPress. – Sally CJ Mar 23 at 2:33
  • thanks i'll give it a read. – Michael Rogers Mar 23 at 13:31

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