This is my nav bar

<div class="header-menu">
    <a href="/index.php">home</a>
    <a href="/about/single-about.php">about</a>
    <a href="/services/service.php">services</a>
    <a href="/main-work/work.php">work</a>
    <a href="/industries/industries.php">industries</a>
    <a href="/blog/blog.php">blog</a>
    <a href="/contact/contact.php">contact</a>

And it's located in


and I want to connect to


Oh and I'm using PODS to create my theme and that is why my nav bar looks like this /about/single-about.php instead of single-about.php. Also, it works fine in my localhost. I'm realative new to Wordpress Development

  • This is not how themes or WordPress work, at all. You don't link to files in your themes. Content is created in WordPress and your theme provides templates for the content to use. I suggest taking a look at the Theme Developer Handbook before going any further. – Jacob Peattie Mar 21 '19 at 8:57

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