Maybe the question is stupid sorry - I'm a beginner when it comes to WordPress.


What do I have to do to have a separate page listing for articles from a given category?

Do I need a special theme for this? Is the OceanWP theme allows this?


WordPress automatically creates an archive for each category. If you look in wp-admin, under Posts > Categories, you can click "view" to view a category and that will show you what it looks like and what the URL is.

It is possible that a theme could override this functionality, but it's unlikely. Most themes have a template to display this type of automatically-created page - either a category.php specifically for categories, or an archive.php which covers not only categories but other archives.

  • That's what I meant. Thank you for your comprehensive answer @WebElaine! – simhumileco Mar 18 '19 at 14:08

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