I keep getting this: err_empty_response

when I try to update or save my pages. It happens every now and then and it usually resolves itself within a few minutes. But it's really affecting my progress. How can I fix this issue permanently?

I've updated all my themes and plugins to the latest version and I'm also on the latest version of Wordpress.

I'm using Divi builder and Divi theme, if this information is useful. I've also replaced my wp-admin and wp-includes folder with new ones (cos I was having other issues earlier on).

I've also deactivated and reactivated all my plugins but the issue remains.

I've also tried this tutorial but it didn't work either: https://www.wordpresstutorialforbeginners.com/err_empty_response/

Not trained in web development here so would appreciate any answers provided to be given in detailed step-by-step instructions if possible. Thank you very much!!

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