hello i want to ask how to remove ex : /page/2/ /page/4/ from my homepage? and yes my homepage is using page builder, so https://surgatekno.com/page/2/ still can be accessable and showing the same content of my homepage https://surgatekno.com/.

the question is same how to disable like make it page not found or redirect it back to / instead of /page/2/ or /page/3/ and so on. (because its showing the same content and maybe bad for SEO)

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This is usually due to the homepage being set to list your posts. This is the default configuration for all WordPress sites since WordPress is a blogging platform first and a CMS through proper configuration.

You can fix this by setting a static homepage rather than showing all your posts. Take a look in the reading settings to change your front page to be static and your posts page to live somewhere else.

From the Codex:

Use this setting to determine if your posts or a "static" Page displays as your blog's front (main) page. This setting displays only if you have one or more Pages defined. Please note: static front page plugins and other 'posts display' control/restriction plugins may affect how these features work!

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