I'm having an issue where the Customizer Preview doesn't seem to fully refresh, but if I manually refresh the page the changes work. I've made a simplified example of the issue I'm experiencing:

I have a simple checkbox in the Customizer:

            'default'     => false,

    new WP_Customize_Control(
            'label'      => 'Checkbox',
            'section'    => 'test_section',
            'settings'   => 'test_checkbox',
            'type'       => 'checkbox',

In my functions.php file I have an if statement that checks if the checkbox is checked and if it is, I create a function:

if(get_theme_mod('test_checkbox', false) == true) {
    function test_function() {
        return 'SUCCESS';

In my index.php file I check if the function exists and echo it

if(function_exists('test_function')) {
    echo test_function();

Now when I go to the Customizer and check the checkbox, the Preview refreshes but I don't see the Success message. I have to manually refresh the page before I see it.

Does anyone know why this happens?


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