I'm creating a template in HTML5. On navigatiom menu i need to implement something like this

 <a href="url1">url1</a>
 <a href="url1">url2</a>
 <a href="url1">url3</a>
 <a href="url1">url4</a>
 <a href="urln">urln</a>

If i use 'wp_nav_menu', it prints


when i need just


There is a way to get that? Thanks!


Use a custom walker:

class WPSE_33175_Simple_Walker extends Walker
    public function walk( $elements, $max_depth )
        $list = array ();

        foreach ( $elements as $item )
            $list[] = "<a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a>";

        return join( "\n", $list );

… and then call wp_nav_menu() like this:

    array (
        'theme_location' => 'your_registered_theme_location',
        'walker'         => new WPSE_33175_Simple_Walker,
        'items_wrap'     => '<nav>%3$s</nav>'
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I'd suggest using the wp_nav_menu_items filter.

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