Let's say I've created a page with the ID 62. If I then create a PHP file named page-62.php, I could edit my page from there. I want to do the same with a blog post. How would that be possible?

  • Thank you , but I know templates, this is not what I was searching for. – manifestor Mar 15 '19 at 15:52
  • OK - I'm not sure what you're asking for then. page-62 is a custom template for the page with ID 62. AFAIK there's no equivalent mechanism for posts (hierarchy diagram) except by using custom templates. But at first glance it looks to me like that does what you're asking for, doesn't it? What specifically are you trying to do? – Rup Mar 15 '19 at 15:55
  • I think Rup is on the right track. Just assign "post-##" to this post template and it works great – rudtek Mar 15 '19 at 16:23

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