Is there any way to catch changing specific field in custom taxonomy term? For example, i need to show notice in back-end, when slug in custom taxonomies term is changed. I'm reading about edited_term and wp_update_term_data but don't understand how to use it in my case.

Thanks for any idea.

  • After you push "Update" button on the "Edit Taxonomy" screen the admin notice is shown by default: Item updated. ← Back to Categories – Max Yudin Mar 15 at 15:30
  • The thing your are speaking is working with all fileds in term. I need special message fo changing slug in term. – Uraaa Mar 17 at 11:58
  • Unfortunately, there is no hook to cling when changing just the slug. You have to dope out what exactly was updated (like 'not Name' or 'not Descritpion'). – Max Yudin Mar 18 at 10:31

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