There are any way to hide some Gutenberg block settings from users?

Like " Crop images, Link To and Additional CSS class"

enter image description here

  • One thing comes to mind right away, but it's kind of hacky way of doing things, so I'm leaving it as a comment. You can hook CSS to 'enqueue_block_editor_assets' and in the styles, you can hide pretty much everything with display: none;. This can be a solution until you figure a solid way to handle the issue. Another thing that might work but I don't have time to research is the remove_meta_box() function. I think that will give you something to look into or some ideas to the people with more time for a complete in-depth answer. Cheers! – Valentin Genev 15 hours ago
  • Thanks @ValentinGenev for your support, Yeah I tried to find some way to hide them by using CSS but all Gutenberg field came with the same id name..btw I'll re-searching about remove_meta_box() Thanks so much. – Adham Mohamed 8 hours ago

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