I prefer to never lose my Admin view. If I click on a link in the Admin and it goes to another part of the Admin (e.g. New Post), great. But if a link goes either to my site's front-end or to an external link, I'd like that to open in a new tab. I started with this:

function DB_admin_inline_js() { ?>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
        jQuery( document ).on( 'click', 'a', function( e ) {
            if ( ( this.hostname != document.location.hostname )
                ( this.href.indexOf( 'wp-admin' ) == -1 ) ) {
                window.open( this.href, '_blank' );
                return false;
<?php }
add_action( 'admin_print_footer_scripts', 'DB_admin_inline_js' );

That solution works well in the simple case but it falls down when links in the Admin have JavaScript attached to them, i.e. weren't meant to open a new location. So I started adding things and with some trial and error, ended up adding these two tests before that if statement:

        if ( this.target != '' && this.target != '#' ) {
            return false;
        if ( this.href.startsWith( 'javascript:' ) ) {
            return true;

This works much better but it's still not perfect and sometimes when I click on a link, a new tab opens that is blank - because it's not meant to open a new location. Typically when a coder has implemented something unexpected like a dropdown list using links+JavaScript instead of a true dropdown.

Can anyone suggest a more general way to solve this?

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