When I move WP site from 1 host to another. Normally I do this:

  1. Export database with PHPMyadmin
  2. Download files with FileZilla ftp
  3. Import Database to new database
  4. Upload files with FileZilla ftp
  5. Make a Search 'old string' and Replace 'new string' Database Search and Replace Script in PHP

And normally the site is up and running. However lately when I follow these steps this error occured:

Error in Console after transfer site

To fix this I can download a new wordpress installation from Download Wordpress

And then it works again.. but is there another solution? Or does someone has any experience with this error?


Well I've never faced this issue but here is worthy suggestion as per my experience. If your website is running fine before migration, then you can use Duplicator migration plugin which is very easy & useful for migration. It will never produce any this type of error.

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    I think that is a great solution.. but the above described behaviour is really strange – Sjoerd Mar 14 at 12:12
  • I think you have used caching plugin or minified assets from any plugins that misbehave here. – Parth Shah Mar 14 at 12:38

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