I have an ecommerce website which is running on wordpress and the woocommerce plugin. I sell car accessories and I have some problems with the structure of the sub-category urls and slugs.

I tried to make the structure like this:


Unfortunately Woocommerce does not allow me to have the same slug (led-lighting) under different parent categories. So I can only use a slug one time.

At the moment, the structure is like this:


I don't think that this is well optimized for SEO.

So now, I came up with an idea, but I want to know your opinions since I am not an SEO or wordpress master...

For all the pages, I am using the elementor page builder. This is a page builder that works great with woocommerce for me.

My idea is to create a page instead of a product category in woocommerce. The parent page I can give the name of the car, so: url.com/mercedes-benz

And after that I can create a child page / sub page with the name of the subcategory.

This way I can create the structure I want.

Do you think that this will work for me? Because I am not really using the Woocommerce categories anymore, but display the products on normal pages built with the elementor pagebuilder.

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