I would like to ask this question again, and ask if maybe since 2012 there is change of plugin recommendation.

What is a good plugin to do surveys for wordpress?

Explanation: I have received many of requests to update this graphic that tries to shows the relationship between languages to include more languages, mostly along the lines "my language is missing, can you include it"? And to do that I need to collect data on stable words. I want to create a survey that asks 18 questions with multiple text box answers for each sub-question for the Beaufils № 18 word list. Maybe also include a picture to better explain the each question.

So the first question would look similar to this:

Question 1: eye

enter image description here

1a. How would you write eye in your language?

[ о́ко ]

1b. What is the transliteration into the Latin alphabet?

[ óko ]

1c. How would you pronounce using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)?

[ ˈɔkɔ ]

Question 2: ear


Then I would like to include some general questions, e.g.

  • Select Language: [ drop down menu ] and [ text-box ]
  • Your estimation of number of native speakers: [ text-box ]
  • Source for number of speakers (optional): [ text-box ]
  • Location selector: [ map? or text-box ]

Which survey plugin would wordpress.stackexchange.com recommend? Does anyone have experience with setting up such a survey on a wordpress site? How does the data get stored by different plugins? Is there a survey plugin where hyperlinks can be added into the questions?

Thanks in advance for the help

  • Since the Cyrillic alphabet in my example is quite close to the Latin alphabet, maybe a better example would be write [ आँख ], transliteration [ ā̃kh ], pronounce [ ɑ̃ːkʰ ] – Alternative Transport Mar 14 '19 at 8:32

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