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I am creating a wordpress page in our school as an activity, I wanted to continue everything in my home so I backed-up the database from phpmyadmin and the wordpress folder from htdocs. After heading back home, I copied the wordpress folder to my pc which was from my school then imported the database from the one I have from school to my pc at home. After installing andsetting everything just like the settings from my school, all of the contents went nuts. The design was a total mess.

What did I do wrong? Thanks.

UPDATE I noticed in my database that the plugins and theme table points still to the localhost at school and not it my pc. How do I change this directory path? I thought editing the wp_options would do the trick but still the problem persist. Thanks.

  • Did you check the prefix of the table? – Tejas Gajjar Mar 13 at 9:09
  • Did you change the Wordpress URL and Site URL in Settings/ General? Those are needed to build links to e.g. CSS files. If those aren't found the design will be messed up indeed. – Jos Mar 13 at 11:35
  • All I did was update wp_options, wp_comments, wp_posts and wp_postmeta using a query. – marvin castro Mar 14 at 0:28
  • @Jos Yes I have changed the WP URL and SITE URL in wp_options table – marvin castro Mar 14 at 0:29

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