probably a long shot, but here goes: for a WordPress portfolio site, I’m trying to build a project overview page with a layout similar to this: http://www.innauer-matt.com/

Each row of images is centered, with a margin of 60 px between the images. The container max-width is 1400 px, so that every time the viewport width is less than that, the images are rearranged.

If anyone could point me to a theme that works like this, that would be greatly appreciated!


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If your site doesn't have much dynamic components, and doesn't require many future content updates, you can easily achieve this with flex and a pinch of JS.

Check this tutorial.


I would get any theme you like, find and install any Masonry or Isotope plugin (there is a lot), create a gallery using this plugin, create a page with this gallery and set this page as a home page. You just need to figure out which plugin fits your needs.


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