i'm having massive performance Issues with a Website i'm creating. My user Profiles are quite big, at the moment about 200 fields. The loading times of the page are increasing drastically, at the moment about 15 seconds.

I used the Chrome console networking tab to benchmark my page and see which skripts take so long. To my surprise, most of the time there is nothing happening. Just "waiting for localhost". I'm assuming that the sql statement takes too long to process.

What can i do to monitor what exactly is taking so long? How can i improve the performance? Is there a way to increase the performance of my sql server?

I'm using a MAMP 5.1 Server, hosted on my Mac, running Wordpress 5.1.

with best regards,

  • You can try Query Monitor to detect slow queries and other problems. – moped Mar 12 at 7:10

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